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  3. Dumb


  4. New goal by the end of 2015

    Move to Austin / eat at all of their Buffalo Wild Wings locations

  5. suethespiders:

    *rides off into the sunset on your dad*

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  6. simsgonewrong:

    my sim was taking photobooth photos with another girl who DIED halfway through 

  7. paxmachina:

    Edwin and Josh Jeavons - London

    Photo: Claudelondon on Flickr.

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  9. I don’t know how to not feel like someone is always taking something from me.

  11. fuckyeahalien:

    Sigourney Weaver completed the over-the-shoulder shot on the first take after three weeks of practice, in spite of Jean Pierre Jeunet’s reluctance to even film the scene. 

  12. Life as of lately

  13. simsgonewrong:

    Just a sim drowning in the porch in front of his house..


  14. officialssay:

    Screenshot of a tweet sent by FAFSA. It has since been taken down, and the agency apologized. 


  15. becausehardcore:

    And if my hands find themselves another body

    Well, you can’t blame them for trying to keep warm